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Tales from the Sea - Shano Conor Jr.

Shano tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what sums you up in one sentence? From Oceanside. Tired beat up grumpy fisherman.

How long have you been fishing? Tell us how you started and what kind of fishing your up to these days? My brothers a fisherman, my fathers a fisherman, his father, and his father, I was born into it. It's in my blood like it or not. So since I was way too young.

I’m sure you've noticed the younger generation picking up on the deep sea fishing craze going on. Does this bother you at all? Not enough respect, for the ocean, the fish, and their elders. When I was a lot younger I had to prove myself time and time again, being put through the ringer for years before I was allowed to call myself a fisherman.

I really dig your art and the wood crafting you have going on. Tell us a little about the Marlin you just finished. You had some toxic shit all over your face when we came by. Thank you so do I. The swordfish I was carving was made from cocobolo. A restricted toxic, exotic wood from South America. And yeah all that sawdust on my face was toxic, it'll give you cancer, emphysema, skin rash and all sorts of other shit.

Whats up with the sword art? I’ve never seen anything like it or at least with so much detail. How long you been doing it. I've been doing the scrimshaw on the swordfish bills for almost a year now. I like to take my time to make sure they are the best out there.

Any other hobbies we should know about? I've done some leather tooling, and knife making, I just like to make my own shit.

What do you like about Dark Seas? I like Dark Seas because not only do they have rad designs on t-shirts I like to wear, but all their materials are quality, from their short to their sweatshirts, haven't found anything that wasn't comfortable.  

We were stoked to finally come down and hang out. Thanks for being a bad ass and being a part of the crew. I appreciate you guys taking the time to come down and do all of this. You guys are alright in my book.

Do you want to thank anyone or give a shout out to the millions of people reading this? Just my pops.