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Oside 95 round 2 - Jake Stewart - Photos by Steven Levas

Well here we go again.... Not sure my liver can handle another one of these but here it goes.

The majority of the group met at Rockin' Baja Lobster for pre cocktails and a bit of grub with the plan to get off the dock at around 9.
The fishing has been very good this year loacally so a long boat ride wasn't in the picture.  After Dan gave out all the give aways in the galley the smart ones in the group headed to their state rooms and got some rest for the long day ahead.  The rest of us.... well we tied one on; and a real good ''one'' at that.  I have to say it is always a good time when this group gets together, JC and Matt  you guys were on fire!
The boat was up and fishing at grey(5am) and the parking lot of boats started to fill.  A few fish (YFT) were hung at grey light but it definitely was not the ripper we all wanted.  Looked like it slowed from the day before and we were looking at fishing a plunker bite all day 10 miles from home....... BRRRR  Oh well it is called fishing, not catching.  Fish for the most part were in the 20 to 30 pound range w a couple bigger ones. Got a few Dorado aka Mahi Mahi as well.   Slow  steady fishing, could have been worse but definitely could have been better.
The reality with these guys is even if we caught zero fish we would still be having a blast. Great people, great food what more could you ask for other than possibly a muzzle for Dan Big thanks to Captain. Rick and the entire Oceanside 95 crew, as usual you guys killed it.  Fishing is still good out there guys and gals so plan a trip and get your lines wet, Live a little.
See ya'll Next Year, Happy Fishing.
Jake Stewart