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Erik Oseto

We are stoked to introduce one of our new contributors for Dark Seas, Erik Oseto.  Born on the North Shore of Oahu, 23 year old Oseto has a wide range of rad subject matter to point his lens at.

Here's a little about him in his own words:

"I started taking 35mm film photos for fun but later discovered it was something I am sort of good at, and it has never lost my interest. My main passion is documenting and taking photos of my friends and family doing thier passions. I love seeing my friends happy and doing what they love. For example my best friend Dillon motivated me to paddle out with him and take surfing shots of him. Just that turned into so much more. I love being out in the water and seeing all my friends sitting in  the lineup waiting for sets to roll in. Also with skating, seeing my friends land tricks or just handing out and doing things that make them happy. That's my passion."

For more of Erik's work you can visit his website:

Instagram: @oseto