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Johnie Gall - Dirtbag Darling

We were lucky enough to get in contact with Johnie Gall, known by her followers as "The Dirtbag Darling." This inspiring lady quit her full time job at a surf magazine to "pursue a more simple sort of life filled with less 'stuff' and more open roads, sleeping under the stars, and writing from coffices (that's coffee shop offices)"

This woman of adventure travels the world by Sprinter Van, "on a continuous search for surf, summits, and stories."

Her blog is filled with stories of her travels, tips for living free, advice on the outdoors and more. Johnie also features other bad ass ladies on her blog that are out there living it. As Johnie puts it "our mission is to redifine the meaning of adventure and inspire more women to get outdoors in the spirit of it, pursuing the things that keep them sweaty, dirty and smiling."

We sent Johnie some gear for her travels and she sent us these photos from one of her latest adventures in Western North Carolina where she "kayaked on Lake Fontana, drove through the Smokey Mountains, and rode the Tail of the Dragon, which is a crazy 11 mile motorcycle road that has 318 curves."