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Blue Collar Shaping with Hank Lüce Ph.D.

An Interview With Blue-Collar Shaper Mike Hearon (By Hank Lüce Ph.D.)

All photos by Seth Stafford

HL: It's been difficult to interview difficult that it is now Spring, but all your photos were taken last winter

MH: It might be Spring, but it just snowed here in NJ last month

HL: What's the name of your surfboard company?

MH: (laughs) I don't really have a surfboard company. I shape and glass boards for myself and a few local NJ shredders.

HL: How do you pay the bills?

MH: I paint houses for Quality Painting in Stone Harbor, NJ. I don't make any money selling boards...I just want to make a board that works in a lot of different conditions here in NJ. From 2' mush to overhead death barrels.

HL: Do you actually shape surfboards when it is below freezing?

MH: My heat isn't that good in the garage, but yeah I'll shape if I have an idea.

HL: One last questions. How do you get into your wetsuit when the air and water are below freezing?

MH: I get changed in the paint van. After I surf I go and paint some houses.

Follow Mike Hearon on instagram: @seniorgimpo

All photos by Seth Stafford

Follow him on instagram: @sethstafford