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Barrett Surfboards - Tanner Barrett

At the young age of 14 Tanner Barrett realized he could save money on his love for surf board collecting by shaping his own boards. He gave it a try and even glassed his first shred stick himself. All through high school he experimented and made himself a slew of rad boards. He got hired at Pureglass a super awesome surfboard manufacturer just down the street from his house after graduation. As he started getting requests from friends and fans of his work for their own Tanner Surfboard, Tanner fell in love with the trade. He makes everything from retro style short boards to classic longboards with a modern twist. His color work is beautiful and his shapes are insane. You must give them a look if you haven't already.

We had the privilege of Getting a little tour of Pureglass, watching Tanner do a little shaping and dropping by The Living Room where some of his boards are on display. Take a peek at the the images below to get a taste of his incredible work.

Follow Tanner on instagram: @barrett_surfboards

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Photos by Lauren Beitel