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LowTide Lounge Party

We have all closed down a bar at the end of the night but this was the first time we've opened one up! A few weeks back we had one hell of a party, the DARK SEAS LOW TIDE LOUNGE was born.  If you have ever driven on the 101 Coast HWY through Cardiff there is a good chance you drove right by the KRAKEN BAR and didn’t even know it…  It’s a dive bar’s – dive bar, the kind of place that we like to frequent. By the early AM the Vandoleros Van Club had filled the front half of the parking lot. By noon the lot was full of old cars, bikes and a hearse that some kid was living out of, surf boards and all!

We brought down our screen-printing machines and pulled the graphic choice on a t-shirt for folks for free. A huge thanks Damin for all your work behind the press!

 Pabst kept the beer flowing all day. In fact they donated a custom mini fridge and shit loads of free stuff for the main event. Yes, it was a straight up, old fashion, Arm Wrestling contest. We had dudes sign up that should have left there beer muscles at the bar as well as some bad ass ladies that fought it out multiple rounds. Video of these shenanigans up on the blog soon!

 We also want to thank our good friends and musical entertainment Jake Loban & DJ Burnout as well as the Plant Tribe for melting our faces off to end the event.

 If you showed up, THANK YOU we all had a blast! If you did not, don’t worry we are throwing another party real soon!


 All Photos: Lauren Beitel