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2nd Annual Kirk McNulty White SeaBass Spearfishing Tournament

As of March 10, 2015 the 2nd Annual Kirk McNulty White Seabass Spearfishing Tournament is underway. We're proud to be able to be a sponser for this event. In 2014, the inaugural contest was won by South Bay local Paul Hugoboom with a 72.70 pound white seabass speared in local waters.


A new addition this year is a perpetual trident trophy. The final product is a collaboration between with local metal shop Wilmington Iron Works and Nexus Metal Werx. The trident was formed from a re-purposed stainless steel propeller shaft and is partially plated in bronze.


The proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the King Harbor Ocean Enhancement Foundation, which operates white seabass grow-out pens supported by Hubbs-Seaworld. Combined efforts help improve the white seabass population on our coast. “The program has been nurturing and releasing white seabass in local waters for almost twenty years. The success of the program relies on the manpower of volunteers and mother nature.” said John Whitaker, Director of King Harbor Ocean Enhancement Foundation.

A $10 entry is required prior to spearing a fish. Register at